Connecting to the learning needs of each student at the heart of instructional decisions to ensure readiness for post-secondary experiences.

Play-based Learning

Students will have opportunities to choose and explore learning experiences, leaning into their curiosity and interests to increase engagement.

Early-Childhood Classroom
Joy of Learning

The joy of learning is encouraged by creating spaces that allow for choice in seating and location, spaces that are light-filled, colorful and are where students want to be.

Hands-on Learning

Students retain knowledge more effectively through active analysis, creation and physical problem-solving.

Maker Space

Students have the needed tools and environment to research, analyze and reflect upon learned knowledge to apply to the inquiry-based topic they have chosen.

Technology-rich Spaces
Specialized Curriculum

Classroom labs are designed and around the specific requirements of Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) to maximize learning opportunities and increase student engagement.

CTE/VAPA classroom
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